Monday, 31 August 2009

Dramatic Battle Manchester Winner - Kaworu!

The Dramatic Battle in Manchester was held on the 30th August at Gamerbase, and again there was a Golden Ticket up for grabs on KOFXII.

Here are the results:

King of Fighters XII

1st: Kaworu (Kensou/Ash/Iori)
2nd: OllieMilne (Andy/Joe/Terry)
3rd: Shinji (Raiden/Ralf/Andy)
3rd: Sprint (Athena/Joe/...)

Congratulations to Kaworu for winning!!
Look forward to playing the Manchester KOFXII players at SvB. :)

Edit (07/09/09): Vids are now up on SaikoRB's youtube channel:

Check out his youtube channel here

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