Monday, 24 August 2009

Dramatic Battle Midlands Winner - Sendo

WINNER! Sendo!!

(Left: Veggy, Middle: Sendo, Right: Azido)

The Dramatic Battle for the Midlands took place at Global Gaming in Birmingham hosted by Electronic Dojo , where the competitors fought it out for the second KOFXII Golden Ticket to Super VS Battle in September.

The results for the KOFXII Dramatic Battle are as follows:
King of Fighter XII
1. Sendo (Kyo, Joe, Iori)
2. Azido (Kyo, Leona, Raiden)
3. Veggy (Ash, Terry, Ralf)

Congratulations to Sendo for winning!
For those of you who may not know, Sendo is one of the King of Fighters 2002 players here in the UK and plays a mean Yuri in that particular KOF.

And also for those of you still looking to win a Golden Ticket to SvB, there is still the Dramatic Battle in Manchester this coming Sunday (30th Aug).

Check out the sign up thread here.

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