Tuesday, 18 August 2009

King of Fighters XII - UK Ranking Battles Season 1 Results


Congratulations to Tim119 who won our first season of King of Fighters XII ranking battles, held at Casino Arcade in London, playing solid throughout the season he managed to win every one he attended.

For winning the season he received a Leona figurine (courtesy of Ignition Entertainment UK), and also £100 in cash.

Here are the score results for the top 5 players:
1. Tim119 - 37
2. KusoGaki - 31
3. DobiqWolf - 20
4. MichelS - 13
5. Shin Dragon - 10

And here's the videos from the finals this season:

Alternatively check them out, as well as other KOF vids, on my youtube channel.

Stay tuned for the next season of Ranking Battles to be announced.

Until then don't forget to sign up for KOFXII at the Super VS Battle event in September, head over to the NeoEmpire.com forums or SupervsBattle.com to get the full information.

Thanks again to everyone who attended and helped out during this season.

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