Thursday, 17 September 2009

More bits and piece from Super VS Battle

Gunsmith (Admin of Orochinagi) has uploaded another of his videos from Super VS Battle, which includes interviews on day 2 of a few of the KOFXII players. Also a part of the Money Match between Sendo and Kneero, which was the result of a dispute in the Money Match Thread over on NeoEmpire.

Also NeoEmpire user PrivateRyan has uploaded one match between Sendo and RORY from the group stages of the KOFXII tournament at SvB.
Check out his Youtube channel here.

Will update again when more vids surface.

Also on a side note there will be a big event in France in 2010 of which KOF2002UM will be one of the main games, in addition to this there will also be side events for KOFXII, KOFXI, and KOF98UM as well as a whole lot of other games.
For more details check out the thread over on Neoempire.

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