Thursday, 1 October 2009

King of Fighters - Live Action Movie

So it's been announced for quite some time now but a new video of the live action KOF film has surfaced on Youtube today.

Sorry seems like the video was removed by the user... so here's a playlist of vids from the MovieSet youtube channel instead...

(Edit again: Found another user has uploaded it)

Also via the twitter feed, i managed to find out that there is also a Facebook fan page and managed to find a few pics of the movie.

(Mature, Rugal, Vice)





I'm not sure what to make of the movie yet, i'm still a bit baffled by the whole thing, though Gordan Chan has worked on some decent films in the past (Check out his page on imdb) so it may still turn out to be pretty good. (Just maybe not the kind of KOF movie we might have wanted)

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