Tuesday, 27 October 2009

King of Fighters [UK] Season 2 Ranking Battle 1 Results

So another season Ranking Battle season for KOFXII begins, with a slightly dissapointing turnout. Many regulars not attending, the MCM Expo clashing on the same day, and some players unable to make it.

Though on the bright side we had a few newcomers DeeJay, SupahSupreme and KB121 joining in on the action, and even though they are fairly new to the Ranking Battles they didn't give up without putting up a good fight.

In the end though MichelS stormed through the Ranking Battles without losing a single game throughout.

Anyway enough with the talk, here are the results:

1st Place. MichelS (Right) with NeoEmpire's chairman BulletProof

2nd Place. SupahSupreme

3rd Place. ShinDragon

4th Place. ZeroNiiro

And the videos:

And finally the current RB scores:

1. MichelS - 13
2. SupahSupreme - 9
3. ShinDragon - 7
4. ZeroNiiro - 6
5. Kb121 - 4
6. ShoDragon - 3
7. DeeJay - 2
7. MyKom - 2

The date for the next RB is to be confirmed, i won't be in the country for the date i had originally planned the next one for so i will post up details in the Ranking Battles forum over on NeoEmpire as soon as possible.

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