Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Bullet Proof's Treasure Trove of Videos

Recently Bullet Proof who founded NeoEmpire has recently made his own youtube channel and has been uploading some of the things he has been working on.
He plans to create tutorials for every character in KOFXII as well as some older combo videos he has made in the past and not uploaded before.

Check out his youtube channel here and remember to subscribe to it!

Monday, 9 November 2009

King of Fighters [UK] Season 2 Ranking Battle 2 Results

This Saturday we had our second Ranking Battle of season 2, although it had to be put together at fairly short notice it turned out to be one of the most enjoyable ranking battles so far.

For possibly the first time since Super VS Battle we had the top three players all in attendance, with MichelS and Robocop2 both looking to take Tim119 off the top spot.
Though this is not to say it was all going to go their way, just because they are currently on top doesnt mean they should let their guards down towards the other players.

Kb121, one of the newer players to the RBs, almost caused an upset for MichelS by giving him an hard time during their match in the group stages.
Also ZeroNiiro gave Robocop2 a hard time during his group stage match too.

All the way down to the finals there were alot of close matches, and with the finals match each player wasn't going to give it up lightly.

Anyways here are the videos:

Here are the results:

1st Place: MichelS

2nd Place: Tim119

3rd Place: Robocop2

4th Place: kb121

And the current leaderboard:

1. MichelS - 25
2. ZeroNiiro - 10
2. Tim119 - 10
3. SupahSupreme - 9
3. Kb121 - 9
4. Robocop2 - 8
5. ShinDragon - 7
6. DeeJay - 4
7. ShoDragon - 3
7. Cristina - 3
8. MyKom - 2
8. Kneero - 2

We'll continue the Ranking Battle season sometime in the new year, though i am also looking at possibly throwing together one more for the 5th Dec.