Monday, 18 January 2010

KOF SkyStage

Was just checking out updates for this and according to the official site it's due out this month, though i'm not entirely sure though whether this is just the estimated arcade release or if it also means it's due for release on Xbox Live Arcade month this month too.

From what i can (sort of) read of the Japanese blog it seems like the XBLA version will support online ranking boards, as well as some kinda of online vs mode (I'm not entirely sure the specifics on this).

But anyway whilst trying to research a little more about the game, i came across this video on youtube. Which is a MUGEN made version of KOF Skystage, i assume this was made by the uploader Kozeni.

You can download the files for this on his/her website here, though personally i haven't played around with MUGEN for years so i can't remember how this all works, so haven't tried it myself.

Check out a few screens of the MUGEN version of the game, hilarious stuff:

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