Monday, 15 February 2010

KOF XII Casual Tournament - 13th Feb.

Over the past weekend, Bullet Proof held a session at his house for about 21 players for KOF XII and since we had so many players together at once we held a friendly 16 man straight elimination tournament.

Here are the brackets and results of said tournament:
And of course the videos:

16 players:
MichelS VS Elements

Sendo VS Sho Dragon
Dobiqwolf VS Gunsmith
ATB-555 VS Fire-Bug

Izanami VS Aion
Ramzi VS Zeroniiro
DeeJay VS Shin Dragon

Quarter Final:
MichelS VS Sendo

Gunsmith VS ATB 555
RORY VS Izanami
Shin Dragon VS Zeroniiro

Semi Final:
MichelS VS Gunsmith
Izanami VS Shin Dragon

MichelS VS Shin Dragon

For the first time i got to see GunSmith (owner of play some KOF and he did pretty well getting to the semis.
Was a bit suprising RORY didn't make it further in the tournament as he is actually a really good player, and Elements an old school KOF player (who hasn't actually played this game much yet) was unlucky to be put into playing MichelS in the first bracket.

Congrats to MichelS for winning, he mentioned to me the day before his main goal for the day was to beat Shin Dragon (some sorta rivalry going on there) and he got what he wanted.

Overall it was a good session, 3 KOFXII setups for most of the day and towards the end we turned on KOF2002UM on one of the setups for a few quick games.
Thanks again to Bullet Proof for hosting, and it was nice to see all the old and new players again.

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