Saturday, 6 February 2010

Samurai Shodown Sen coming to the UK!

There were some rumours a while back about the possibility of Ignition Ent. falling out with SNKP over KOFXII, due to Atlus picking up publishing rights to Metal Slug XX for the PSP.

Just found out this morning (thanks to Critical King on NeoEmpire's forums) that Rising Star Games, who are also responsible for publishing No More Heroes, Little King's Story, Muramasa, etc..are bringing Samurai Shodown Sen to the UK.

So the likelyhood of Ignition and SNKP falling out has just increased slightly.

Whilst i'm personally not really too bothered about who publishes SNKP games over here (as long as we get them, that's all that's important!), i'm glad that someone is still picking up this game to bring over here. Would have been a pain to have had to pick up a Japanese 360 just to get to play this.

Preorder release dates on and are currently set to March 12th.

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