Thursday, 18 March 2010

King of Fighters XIII - Preview Event / Location Test Details

SNKPlaymore today revealed a few more details regarding the First Preview Event, which will be at BelleSalle Akihabara next week.

For the First 100 guests they will receive a KOFXIII Original Tumbler (Cup).

They've also announced the names of a few of the special guests who will be at the event, amongst them is Matsumoto Sayuki, a Japanese gravure model.

There are loads of videos of her on Youtube for those interested. ;)

One of the other guests is Haruna Ikezawa who is the voice actress for Athena Asamiya, as well as being a voice actress for various other anime/games. The third guest i am not sure the specifics on.
(Edit: Found out the third guest is Mitsuhiro Ichiki, thanks to Brianna from the KOFXII Facebook fan page for pointing that out.)

Also the first round of location tests has also been announced, with the first ones starting from the 26th March to the 28th March. Check out full details on the KOFXIII event page here.

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