Friday, 26 March 2010

KOF XIII Move Lists, News, Pics, Etc...

So another day, another load of news for KOFXIII.

First up as you can see above, move lists have been made available online. (Just to note this is not a FULL moves list.)

I'll start off with a basic translation of the System section:
  • Dash - tap forward twice
  • Back Step - tap backwards twice
  • Evasive Roll - forward / backward + A+B
  • Blow Back/Body Toss - C+D
  • Recovery Roll - A+B when landing from fall.
  • Forward Throw - (close) towards opponent + C
  • Backward Thow - (close) towards opponent + D
  • Hyper Drive Mode Activate - B+C (Uses up Hyper gauge)
  • Guard Cancel Roll (forward) - Whilst guarding, forward/down forward + A+B (Costs one power gauge)
  • Guard Cancel Roll (backwards) - Whilst guarding, backwards + A+C (Costs one power gauge)
  • Guard Cancel Blow Back Attack - Whilst guarding, C+D. (Costs one power gauge).
If there's any request for it, i can look into getting the names of the moves for all the characters. (Though this is very time consuming!)

Also you may or may not have noticed but i've added the new character portraits to the gallery (in the right hand side menu), you can click on 'View All' to see larger images.

Next some more pics from yesterday's Official Preview Event.

(From left to right: Masaaki Kukino, Haruna Ikezawa, and Sayuki Matsumoto.)

(Mitsuhiro Ichiki, showing some of the prizes given away.)

The KOFXIII blog has also been updated with photos from the location test. You can check them out here or from the links in the side bar menu.

Some videos have been popping up on Youtube from today's Location Test.
Check them out on Saigerubon's Channel here and wx0635's channel here.

Of particular note there is a glitch shown in this video, where King's super hits Kyo out of his fireball and is frozen until hit again.

More updates to come!