Monday, 29 March 2010

KOFXIII Official Site, Team K' leaked, System demonstrations.

I was supposed to update again with a bit of KOFXIII's system information on Friday or over the weekend but unfortunately couldn't find the time to finish off what i started writing. On the bright side though, SNKP have uploaded two videos with demonstrations for EX moves and Hyperdrive combo, so it saved me alot of time editing strips of photos together.

Firstly is a video of Athena's Psycho Ball and EX Psycho Ball, note the standard version hits once whereas the EX version uses 1x Super bar and hits three times.

Next up is a demonstration of Kyo's HyperDrive Combo, note that you can cancel into it ala 2002's BC combo system.

Also judging by this video, my earlier suspicions of Kyo having his three part fire punch may have been incorrect.

Next up the big piece of news, the official KOFXIII site has been opened, which you can see it here.
What was interesting about this is it was discovered within the website that the missing team will in face be Team K' ! Aside from knowing that K' will make the final line up, there is no other information currently regarding who will make up the rest of his team.
(At a guess likely candidates would include Kula, Whip, Maxima)

The original image was viewable here, but it seems that SNKP realised they had made a mistake and have since removed it from the site.
But anyway back to the official site, it's rather beautifully designed and includes the background story, character profiles, system information, event news, etc... Not everything is fully shown yet, quite a few 'Coming Soon' images.

It seems to be incredibly slow at the moment, most likely due to fans flooding the website...

I've uploaded the set of BGM themes which have been ripped from the site, (you can download it here via rapidshare), i'll try to remember to reupload it to megaupload or a more stable file sharing site later on today. (As it seems rapidshare will only allow 10 downloads...)
Also note that the character select BGM mp3 does not work, i forgot to take it out before i uploaded...

Also check out the gorgeous backgrounds:

Also don't forget the next issue of Arcadia is out tomorrow, as i did with the previous issue i will do a write up when i get my copy (which hopefully won't take too long, but you can't tell with international mail).

There's a small (literally) preview up on Arcadia's website:

More news as it comes in!


  1. There'll be two secret teams, just watch

  2. Best Fighter Ever as well BBCS SSF4 meh......