Tuesday, 30 March 2010

KOFXIII - A Quick Look at the UK stage / KOFXIII updates / 02UM Vids

As it may or may not be known now, as part of the new stages added to KOFXIII they have also added a new UK stage.

I thought it'd be interesting to take a look at the background and make a little comparison to the real UK.

At first look of the background it's very stereotypical, much like many of the other stages, though upon looking at it a bit more carefully i found it does actually bare quite a resemblance to Parliment Square. (Which judging by the fact they stuck Big Ben in there seems to be what it is based on.)

If you look at the photo below i am guessing the background is based on that corner/turning in the middle of the image. Though of course it looks like they've moved Big Ben to the other side of the road instead of it being attached to the Houses of Parliment.

Though of course not 100% the same, you can get the idea of the inspiration behind it.

Some more pictures, i'm sure it's easy to guess what these are:

Also in terms of updates for the actual game, SNKPlaymore US' official site has been updated with a new banner but not much else.

Shoryuken.com user thedigitalsin has also made animated gifs ripped from the swf files from the KOFXIII official site. You can check them out here.

A new video has been uploaded by Youtube user ReXXXSoprano.

And last but not least, Game A-Cho's channel has been updated with a whole load of 2002UM tournament videos.

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