Wednesday, 24 March 2010

SNKP's King of Fighters XIII Official Blog

SNKPlaymore have released their new blog site for King of Fighters XIII, not much information there yet, just an introduction from Masaaki Kukino regarding the preview event tomorrow.

As well as him saying that KOFXIII will live up to everyone's expectations, a vague statement about this or that character making an appearance, and asking for all attendees to the event to please make their thoughts about the game well known so they know what to change.

See the original blog entry here (in Japanese).

I have also added the KOFXIII Official Blog RSS Feed to this site (underneathe the 'Blog Archive' box), so you can also keep up with blog entries when you visit here.


  1. First! lol

    I realy expect a big FIGHT GAME!!!!
    Like KOF202UM with KOFXII gameplay's!...

    - Kyo -