Friday, 30 April 2010

K' confirmed!

The KOFXIII website today updated revealing K', although it was already known he would be in this game due to the leaked Team K' image when the site first opened it's nice to have 100% confirmation.

It's not yet confirmed who will be part of his team, speculation is Maxima and either Kula or Whip.

Check out his page on the official website here.

Thursday, 29 April 2010

Neo Geo Heroes Ultimate Shooting [PSP]

SNKPlaymore has announced Neo Geo Heroes Ultimate Shooting according to news circulating on the internet, from what i understand as well as this being an original title it will include an entire port of KOF:SkyStage too!

Character so far confirmed will be Iroha (Samurai Shodown), Akari (Last Blade), Marco Rossi (Metal Slug), as well as the original cast from KOF: SkyStage.
The storyline will also involve Dr.Brown from World Heroes, so it's possible some World Heroes characters may well end up in there too.

For those unfamiliar to Neo Geo CD, it may suprise you to see fighting game characters flying around in a shmup, however KOF:SkyStage was not the first case of SNK characters featured in a shmup.
19YY which was a mini game on ADK World, a Neo Geo CD exclusive title, featured Brocken from World Heroes in a horizontal shmup.

More news on this title as it comes in.

Also SNKPlaymore have released two more demonstration videos of the NeoMax and Max Cancel, via their Youtube Channel.

And finally i've just ordered the latest issue of Arcadia, so hopefully that should be here sometime in the next week or so. I'll do my monthly write up of it when it does arrive.

Here are some previews of it, from the official Arcadia Website.

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Vice, Takuma, Chin's Drink Gauge, USA Stage, NeoMax.

Quite alot of new information popping up today, firstly Vice and Takuma have finally been confirmed and have had some of their details added to the official website.
There are rumours that Hwa Jai (who has yet to be officially confirmed) will also be shown this weekend at the second location test in Japan and Hong Kong.

The official blog also updated with these pictures about Chin's new drinking gauge, whilst it is not new for him to be able to drink and gain new moves/power, it is however new that he now has a gauge for you to see how many he has drunk. (Similar to Virtua Fighter's Shun Di)

It's also a very welcome (and probably long overdue) addition, as it has always been a bit of an unnecessary chore (in KOF games where he has the drinking move) to keep track in your head how many more times you can do X move before you need to drink another.

Also shown today is the new USA stage, see pics below.

And the background image for the Brazil stage was also added to the site:

Last but not least the NeoMax / Max Cancel system was finally revealed:

It looks like Ash has gained one of Iori's old max supers!

The next location tests (in Japan and Hong Kong) will run this weekend, so hopefully we should see some more videos popping up on Youtube soon.

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Arcadia Magazine - May 2010 - A Quick Look.

Apologies for the lack of updates lately, i've been alot busier than usual so haven't had the time nor energy to keep everything up to date.

But since the latest issue Arcadia arrived in the post today (a bit late but better late than never), i'd thought i would continue with the monthly quick look at Arcadia.

The main feature this month is for a game called 'Quiz Magical Academy', and comes with a free dvd. (I'll write about this a bit later.)

But anyway in terms of KOF content, as soon as you open the magazine there is a two page spread of Mai Shiranui with a message saying something along the lines of 'Shiranui Mai Joins The Fight'.
Also it gives a fairly vague arcade release date of Summer.

Though this issue does have a small section about KOFXIII, alot of the information you would likely know already or has been made available on the internet for a couple of weeks now.

The bulk of this section is made up of character profiles, some of the new system changes, and a short prologue. (All of which you can also find on the official website.)
There are a few interesting bits though. For example there are small discussion boxes regarding the missing members of teams.Whilst discussing who might be the missing member of Iori's team, one person replies jokingly with 'It's Miss X'.

Also mentioned is the release of the Neo Geo stick 2+ for PS3, not owning the first stick yet i'm not sure what (if anything) they have changed to this version.

I may well be wrong, but i don't seem to remember a PS Home button on the first stick so maybe that's new?

It will be released on the 27th May, and will cost around Y6279 (which is around about £43 according to It's currently up for preorder on Playasia for £45.90.

There's also a small feature on KOF Skystage, Metal Slug XX for psp, and a new Metal Slug Team Mission for Japanese mobile phones.

Other bits and pieces in the magazine include Tekken 6 Global Championship Tournament, Tekken the movie, and there is a section regarding this year's Tougeki with some details about each game.

Last but not least, as i mentioned this magazine comes with a free DVD, not knowing what this was before i ordered i just considered it a freebie.
Upon watching it however it turns out this is actually packed full of goodness.

Videos on this DVD include matches from the 2002UM Arcadia Cup, some videos from the KOF SkyStage event, a video (which i can't read the title of) showing 77 clips from Neo Geo games (mostly bugs/glitches), interviews with the winners of Tougeki 09, an all clear video of Darius Gaiden and various promotional clips for different games.

I think the DVD for this issue makes up for the lack of KOFXIII information, hopefully next issue will have more on KOFXIII.

For this issue you can buy it on Playasia for about £11.10, or you can also subscribe via Playasia to get the next issue for slightly cheaper here.