Thursday, 29 April 2010

Neo Geo Heroes Ultimate Shooting [PSP]

SNKPlaymore has announced Neo Geo Heroes Ultimate Shooting according to news circulating on the internet, from what i understand as well as this being an original title it will include an entire port of KOF:SkyStage too!

Character so far confirmed will be Iroha (Samurai Shodown), Akari (Last Blade), Marco Rossi (Metal Slug), as well as the original cast from KOF: SkyStage.
The storyline will also involve Dr.Brown from World Heroes, so it's possible some World Heroes characters may well end up in there too.

For those unfamiliar to Neo Geo CD, it may suprise you to see fighting game characters flying around in a shmup, however KOF:SkyStage was not the first case of SNK characters featured in a shmup.
19YY which was a mini game on ADK World, a Neo Geo CD exclusive title, featured Brocken from World Heroes in a horizontal shmup.

More news on this title as it comes in.

Also SNKPlaymore have released two more demonstration videos of the NeoMax and Max Cancel, via their Youtube Channel.

And finally i've just ordered the latest issue of Arcadia, so hopefully that should be here sometime in the next week or so. I'll do my monthly write up of it when it does arrive.

Here are some previews of it, from the official Arcadia Website.

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