Thursday, 22 April 2010

Vice, Takuma, Chin's Drink Gauge, USA Stage, NeoMax.

Quite alot of new information popping up today, firstly Vice and Takuma have finally been confirmed and have had some of their details added to the official website.
There are rumours that Hwa Jai (who has yet to be officially confirmed) will also be shown this weekend at the second location test in Japan and Hong Kong.

The official blog also updated with these pictures about Chin's new drinking gauge, whilst it is not new for him to be able to drink and gain new moves/power, it is however new that he now has a gauge for you to see how many he has drunk. (Similar to Virtua Fighter's Shun Di)

It's also a very welcome (and probably long overdue) addition, as it has always been a bit of an unnecessary chore (in KOF games where he has the drinking move) to keep track in your head how many more times you can do X move before you need to drink another.

Also shown today is the new USA stage, see pics below.

And the background image for the Brazil stage was also added to the site:

Last but not least the NeoMax / Max Cancel system was finally revealed:

It looks like Ash has gained one of Iori's old max supers!

The next location tests (in Japan and Hong Kong) will run this weekend, so hopefully we should see some more videos popping up on Youtube soon.


  1. hey gotta say, you've got a great blog, thanks for all the info!

  2. I'm looking for videos of the events that have been going on in Japan, if you know the sites please let me know, thanks

  3. Hi, thanks i'm glad you enjoy reading it!!

    I'm not sure about specific websites but i recommend these youtube channels for the latest location test videos.

    Hong Kong:


  4. AWESOME, unfortunately I'm reading your stuff from a college campus and so youtube is completly blocked... Thanks a lot for the sites, I'll check them out as soon as I get home. I managed to get into Tudou and check out some videos, although I don't understand anything, but just fyi.

  5. Ah sorry to hear that, can you not even view embedded youtube vids ?

    I know of Tudou but never use it much myself :)