Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Arcadia Magazine - June 2010 - A Quick Look.

Another month and another issue of Arcadia has popped through the letter box.

As you can tell from the cover this issue is dedicated to Super Street Fighter IV, which has just been released on consoles (and apparently will be released in the arcades at some point too).

As with the previous issue the magazine opens with a double spread featuring Mai Shiranui, and then two pages of adverts showing KOF Portable 94-98: Orochi Chapter, and King of Fighters 2002 UM: Tougeki Edition.

The section dedicated to SSF4 starts off with an interview with Yoshinori Ono, then goes into a section about the new characters with flowcharts and combos, other bits and bobs about the system, and player impressions from Daigo/Riki/Tokido&others.

Anyways i don't really want to go on too much about SSF4 as this site isn't really dedicated to it.

Onto the SNKP stuff!

This issue shows the latest three additions (at the time of print) to the cast, Vice/Takuma/Hwa Jai, given that K' and Maxima were only shown recently i don't think we'll see them until next issue.
The bulk of this section as you can see is made up of screenshots, a small character profile for each of the new characters, a small Q&A, and a couple of screen shots of the Women's Team.

Something i found interesting on the next page is whilst they mention the new systems for this KOF, they mention something called 'Target Action'. The screen shots show Ash doing crouch Ax2 > his ballerina kick (sorry i can't remember the input), which doesn't really seem like anything new to me?

Maybe it's not new, but they just decided to give it a name. I have no idea.

Other things of interest(??) include screenshots showing Benimaru in a topless costume, some returning and new moves, and a picture of Robert in Terry colours and Terry in Robert colours.

Apologies for the next set of images being rotated the wrong way, i can't seem to get them to upload correctly, and it seems a bit of a waste to leave them out. If i get the chance later on tonight i'll try and sort them out or figure out why they are uploading incorrectly.

(I found this caricature of Kukino hilarious)

(This looks like some kind of strip(???) Sudoku game for Japanese mobile phones)

(Fan Art - Metal Slug)

(Fan Art - The gorgeous B.Jenet)

(Game character Idol section - Cham Cham)

Other bits and pieces this issue include a section regarding Taiwan VS Japan in KOF, as well as small blurbs about KOF communities around the world, and some info about Duelling the KOF.

As usual this month's issue can be bought at Playasia for about £10.76, or you can get the next issue at a slightly reduced price via subscription.

In other news i've recently acquired (or waiting for them to arrive) some new KOF artbooks and other bits and pieces, which i'll be doing a write up about on here soon, first up will be the KOF:Fighting Evolution 10th.

Check back soon, as i'm hoping to do the write up on that within the next couple of days.


  1. Its Cham Cham not Tam Tam.

  2. Hi, yeah sorry i realised that a while after but forgot to go back to edit it. I'm not very knowledgeable about Samurai shodown lol

    Will edit that in a sec.