Thursday, 20 May 2010

SNK Wednesday / KOFXIII - Extended Intro/Promo Vid.

As part of working on building up the SNK Fighting Game community in the UK, i've started up a weekly online meet up for players in the UK for every Wednesday evening in NeoEmpire's chatroom.

There is no set game to be played at these meet ups, people can join the chat room and request challenges for whatever they want to play. Though judging from the test run we did yesterday KOF98UM (Xbox360), and KOF02 (GGPO) seem to be the popular choices.

Right now the planned time/date for the next one is:

Wednesday 26th May, starting from about 8pm and ending about 12am, and to take place in NeoEmpire's chatroom.

In other news SNKP have released an extended version of the intro/promo video, which also show the first clips of K' and Kula, check it out below:

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