Friday, 25 June 2010

Ash Crimson Technical Reference / HOTKOF GGPO Tournament Results

SNKPlaymore as mentioned in the previous entry will be releasing a special set of videos every weekday up until the release of KOFXIII in the arcade.

Today being the first scheduled day of videos, the Technical Reference for Ash Crimson has been uploaded to youtube.

Very useful to watch, as it shows you points at which you can cancel moves with the new system changes as well as the different properties you have whilst performing EX moves.

Also congratulations to Giga_D (username123) who came first in a GGPO tournament hosted by HOT KOF, check out their website which should have videos fairly soon.

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  1. And again Congrats to Usernamer123 for being the champ of the tournament but next time I'll prepare for him XD