Monday, 7 June 2010

Japanese KOFXII/12 - Preorder items

A bit late, though better late than never i suppose, but recently i acquired the preorder bonuses from the KOFXII Japanese version. My friend actually got these for me from the Japanese Yahoo Auction quite a while ago, but since he was bound to come back to the UK at some point i thought it'd make more sense to just wait for him to bring it back with him.

The contents of the auction he won included a CD, mouse mat (Sticker?), and a KOFXII Weiβ Schwarz card.
As far as i know the main preorder gift was only the CD, and not all retailers included the mouse mat. As for the card i have no idea whether it was a preorder gift or just added by the seller.

The CD is actually not what i expected, for some reason (and what probably would make sense) i assumed it would be the OST soundtrack for KOFXII. However the tracks included on this CD are just the opening (attract/demo sound), and the character select tracks for each KOF up to XII.

Fairly dissapointing to say the least...

The Mouse mat i have yet to actually open, i assume it is actually a sticker because of how thin it is, and i'm guessing (with my limited Japanese reading ability) it says mouse mat sticker.

The Weiβ Schwarz card i've not been able to find much information about, as far as i know it is some sort of card battle game (i assume something along the lines of YuGiOh), which spans over a range of different game/anime IPs.

You can check out the official site of it here.

Let's hope that there will be some good stuff given away for the preorder of XIII.


  1. For the Japanese version of KOF XII, its first pressing only includes this cd soundtrack, the Weiβ Schwarz special card (TGC) and this special seal mouse pad.

    Do kindly let me know if you actually had other bonuses that came along with KOF XII besides these (if you do not mind that is, thanks in advance).

    The mouse pad is not a sticker, the thin layer of plastic is to seal the under part of the mouse pad, which can be removed before using it (the mouse pad). Moreover, the Japanese text itself did not mention anything about it being a sticker and it was actually stated as "special seal mouse pad" (though my Japanese is sadly, extremely limited but I believe my translation here should be, more so than not, correct).

    The cd itself has at least a few tracks that contain versions that cannot be found in the original soundtracks (the standalone cds at least), but can be heard in the games.


    * I just own these yesterday and I have just gone through the whole cd.

    Hope these help, should you still be doubtful.

  2. Hi, thanks for the additional info.

    As far as I know there was only one other preorder bonus, that was the 'clear folder'.
    (I don't have this yet.)

    You can see an image of it on this site: