Saturday, 31 July 2010

Neo Geo Heroes ~ Ultimate Shooting - A Quick Look

Picked this up this morning from the Hong Kong PSN for HK$320 (About US$41 / £26), it's also available on the Japanese PSN store for Y3990, and of course is available on UMD (£31.62 on

Just wanted to write my quick impressions of it so far (been playing it for about 2 hours or so).

Firstly, and suprisingly, it's not too bad. My expectations of this game were very low, due to the general opinion of KOF: Sky Stage being very low, but it's been pretty enjoyable so far.

As you may or may not know this also includes a full port of KOF:Sky Stage as a bonus mode, other than that there is also story mode, challenge modes, multiplayer mode, and a museum (gallery). So there is plenty in there.

I have not actually tried this game in horizontal mode yet, i went straight for tate mode, as i am not so fond of squashed screens in shmups. Whilst in Tate mode you can customise your buttons to be set to the analog stick, making it alot easier to hold the psp and play it vertically. Although not as accurate as playing with actual buttons it does work and makes playing vertically alot better.

One thing to note though is that users who use the PSP Go (probably not many) and planned to use the ps3 pad to play in vert, there does not seem to be any option to rotate the d-pad so there is no point to use a ps3 pad.

Gameplaywise you can pick from a decent amount of characters; Kyo, Iori, Athena, Terry, Kula, Mai, Akari, Iroha, Marco, SYD III.
Each has their own unique shot patterns, power up shots, and bombs based on the games they are originally from. Also each character has a form of shield attack performed by pressing the power up shot once (you normally hold it to get the power up shot).

Stages branch off after each stage, so for example after completing stage 1 you can pick from either stage 2-A or 2B and so on and so forth.

Graphicswise it does not look brilliant, enemy ships are very generic and are not very impressive to look at.
Similarly with the backgrounds they do not look great but are passable, the actual character sprites though do look fine.

Music, i've noticed quite a few remixed KOF themes and am not familiar with others. It does sound good though, personally being a fan of KOF music anyway.

I'll try to get some videos and photos up at some point over the next few days, as well as hopefully some more in depth information about gameplay.

Friday, 30 July 2010

Neo Geo Heroes: Ultimate Shooting [PSP]

This was released yesterday on both UMD and digital (via PSN) formats, have not been able to get ahold of it yet due to an online store taking long to email me my HK$ PSN cards, but ntsc-uk user Sketcz has posted up his impressions of it on ntsc-uk's forums.

Check out his impressions of it here.

Sounds pretty positive compared to the harsh criticisms i've heard about KOF:SkyStage (which is actually included in this as a bonus game mode).

Prices for the PSN versions are Y3990 (Japanese Store) and HK$320 (Hong Kong Store), which is just under £30.

Will post up my own impressions of it once i finally get ahold of it.

Check out SNKPlaymore's Youtube channel for some gameplay vids.

Thursday, 29 July 2010

September's Arcadia - Preview

Arcadia Magazine should be released tomorrow, and hopefully i should have that ordered and posted by next Monday (write up to follow when recieved, usually about a week).

The official website now has the cover up on it, from what i can understand it states the features for this month will be Hyper Drive Combos (i think a guide), a continuation of the Team Stories, and something about all characters which i can't fully read.

For those who can read there are more details on the Arcadia Magazine site, preorders are up on

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

KOF97 - Tournament Report [Namco WonderPark -22/12/1997]

I've posted this up once before on Neoempire's forums but never here so wanted to share this with readers.

This was the first KOF tournament i ever entered, also the first and last tournament i have ever entered which was hosted by SNK Europe (which sadly no longer exists).
Although i never passed the elimination stages i have very fond memories of this tournament, which is why i have kept this Tournament Report for so many years without throwing it away.

Alot of the players from this tournament are no longer playing KOF much nowadays, Ryan Hart (1st Place) is now more of a SF4 player and Chung Yu (2nd Place) has pretty much stopped playing fighting games completely.

Anyway hope you enjoy this little bit of KOF[UK] history.

Monday, 26 July 2010

Dream Cancel [Website] user Nilcam has just opened up his new website Dream Cancel, which is part of his effort to help build up the SNK/KOF scene in the US.

Right now there is not much on there, but if you look at the tabs it has a wiki/forum/video set up so once it gets going it should start to look very good.

Also don't forget to sign up to their forums.

Friday, 16 July 2010

Arcadia Magazine [August 2010] - A Quick Look

Was supposed to have done this write up since i received the magazine a week ago but wasn't quite able to find the time, but better late than never i suppose.

As you can see from the cover it is yet another issue dedicated to the Project Diva Arcade game, with a fair amount of the issue being about this game.

This issue though does have more SNKP related advertisements than usual, spanning 6 pages from the opening page featuring KOFXIII, KOF Portable Orochi Saga, KOF02um: Tougeki, and Neo Geo Heroes.

The main features of KOFXIII for this issue covers the basics of the game's system plus each of the character's Neomax supers.

This month's Maker's Hotline covers Neo Geo Heroes and a SNKP solitaire game, the featured product is regarding some sort of d-pad cover for the PSP. I'm guessing this is somewhat similar to the one released with another early PSP fighting game quite a few years back.

The other main KOFXIII feature for this issue covers a few of the team stories as well as the relationship chart between characters. Not being able to read enough Japanese i won't be able to explain what most of this is about unfortunately.

A command list for all characters is also included, i assume this is the same list featured on the official KOFXIII website. (Have not had the time to do a comparison thought it seems to be the full list.)

And as mentioned the character relationship chart:

Apologies again for the lateness of this write up, and how rushed it is this month.

Enjoy the rest of the pics!

Thursday, 15 July 2010

KOFXIII - Alternate Costumes

Now this was something i wasn't really expecting, people have been discovering today that SNKP have added an extra 'hidden' palette for characters by selecting them using the start button.

Like we saw with Raiden in XII, characters have had parts of their sprite changed.

Andy has some kind of Zoro esque mask, Yuri has back her long hair, Raiden becomes Big Bear, and Takuma becomes Mr.Karate. (Though these are all asthetic changes it does not affect how they play or their move set.)

I'm not sure whether these are the only ones, but more news as it is discovered.

Also a few endings have been uploaded to Youtube via Sugarboy12201984's Youtube Channel:

Team Japan

Female Team:

Yagami Team:

Lastly Arcadia will be releasing the Mook for KOFXIII on August 6th, according to

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

KOFXIII - Final Boss Images

Apologies for the lack of updates recently, has been alot busier at work than normal so i haven't had the time to keep the blog up to date...

Anyway a whole set of images has popped up on both and showing the boss character of this game, who seems to be buttnaked. Also shown is Dark Ash who just seems to look like a palette swap of the original Ash, Team K' 's ending and King with torn clothes ala 94/95.

Thanks to all original uploaders.