Friday, 16 July 2010

Arcadia Magazine [August 2010] - A Quick Look

Was supposed to have done this write up since i received the magazine a week ago but wasn't quite able to find the time, but better late than never i suppose.

As you can see from the cover it is yet another issue dedicated to the Project Diva Arcade game, with a fair amount of the issue being about this game.

This issue though does have more SNKP related advertisements than usual, spanning 6 pages from the opening page featuring KOFXIII, KOF Portable Orochi Saga, KOF02um: Tougeki, and Neo Geo Heroes.

The main features of KOFXIII for this issue covers the basics of the game's system plus each of the character's Neomax supers.

This month's Maker's Hotline covers Neo Geo Heroes and a SNKP solitaire game, the featured product is regarding some sort of d-pad cover for the PSP. I'm guessing this is somewhat similar to the one released with another early PSP fighting game quite a few years back.

The other main KOFXIII feature for this issue covers a few of the team stories as well as the relationship chart between characters. Not being able to read enough Japanese i won't be able to explain what most of this is about unfortunately.

A command list for all characters is also included, i assume this is the same list featured on the official KOFXIII website. (Have not had the time to do a comparison thought it seems to be the full list.)

And as mentioned the character relationship chart:

Apologies again for the lateness of this write up, and how rushed it is this month.

Enjoy the rest of the pics!


  1. awesome mate! thx for the article!

  2. HI,

    I am pleased to find some nice things about KOF on your blog.
    i am living in Sweden and die hard fan of KOF :-)
    i want to play KOF in arcade mode but unfortunately i am unable to find any spot where i can loose my hands in sweden ..i dont want to play it on console or pc .. for me reall taste comes in challage mode with other players around..
    if you can tell me the location where i can play KOF if i come would be great....or can you help me in finding KOF in sweden..hehe..thanks

  3. Hi Asad, we have an arcade in London called Casino. Right now they have KOF2002, and KOFXII. I have heard they might get XIII next month but i am not sure yet.

    If you come to London let me know and i will try to arrange some players to come out to play you.

    The easiest way to let the London players know is on 's forums, even if you are not coming soon join up anyway :)

  4. Thanks for your reply.could you please type me the address here.i have googled this place but it came up with multiple address. it would be great if you give me addresss here.
    i am good player of KOF 2002..but i am afraid i cant UK in coming 3-4 months..may be later...
    but yeah i cant live without playing i will definitely come there one day..thanks again .. appreciated

  5. Hi the address is Casino Arcade, 69 Tottenham Court Road.

    It's very close to Goodge Street Tube Station so it is not difficult to find.