Tuesday, 27 July 2010

KOF97 - Tournament Report [Namco WonderPark -22/12/1997]

I've posted this up once before on Neoempire's forums but never here so wanted to share this with readers.

This was the first KOF tournament i ever entered, also the first and last tournament i have ever entered which was hosted by SNK Europe (which sadly no longer exists).
Although i never passed the elimination stages i have very fond memories of this tournament, which is why i have kept this Tournament Report for so many years without throwing it away.

Alot of the players from this tournament are no longer playing KOF much nowadays, Ryan Hart (1st Place) is now more of a SF4 player and Chung Yu (2nd Place) has pretty much stopped playing fighting games completely.

Anyway hope you enjoy this little bit of KOF[UK] history.

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  1. woah thats an awesome write up! i cant wait to be in China next year and have the possibility to join as many tourneys as i can there (most probably will be 97's tourney x) ) ^^; thx for sharing this!