Thursday, 15 July 2010

KOFXIII - Alternate Costumes

Now this was something i wasn't really expecting, people have been discovering today that SNKP have added an extra 'hidden' palette for characters by selecting them using the start button.

Like we saw with Raiden in XII, characters have had parts of their sprite changed.

Andy has some kind of Zoro esque mask, Yuri has back her long hair, Raiden becomes Big Bear, and Takuma becomes Mr.Karate. (Though these are all asthetic changes it does not affect how they play or their move set.)

I'm not sure whether these are the only ones, but more news as it is discovered.

Also a few endings have been uploaded to Youtube via Sugarboy12201984's Youtube Channel:

Team Japan

Female Team:

Yagami Team:

Lastly Arcadia will be releasing the Mook for KOFXIII on August 6th, according to


  1. Lol, Raiden is Zangief.

  2. in KOF XIII PC arcade version, there are few selected characters that have secret extra costume. there are: Joe, Raiden, K',Yuri, Takuma, Ralf, Andy.
    however, you can download unofficial skin/costume for others from my blog.