Friday, 30 July 2010

Neo Geo Heroes: Ultimate Shooting [PSP]

This was released yesterday on both UMD and digital (via PSN) formats, have not been able to get ahold of it yet due to an online store taking long to email me my HK$ PSN cards, but ntsc-uk user Sketcz has posted up his impressions of it on ntsc-uk's forums.

Check out his impressions of it here.

Sounds pretty positive compared to the harsh criticisms i've heard about KOF:SkyStage (which is actually included in this as a bonus game mode).

Prices for the PSN versions are Y3990 (Japanese Store) and HK$320 (Hong Kong Store), which is just under £30.

Will post up my own impressions of it once i finally get ahold of it.

Check out SNKPlaymore's Youtube channel for some gameplay vids.

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