Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Super VS Battle 20-X (2010) - A Quick Write Up

So as previously mentioned Super VS Battle 20-X was held in the UK over the past weekend.
It was incredibly tiring, but overall it was a good tournament and probably the best held by NeoEmpire so far.

This year i was lucky enough to get into contact with one of Japan's top players Bata (thanks to Dark Geese), who is currently studying in the UK, and if you have seen the previous videos on my youtube channel he also came down to a session two weeks ago.

Throughout the weekend Bata dominated on 02UM, not losing one game throughout and won over 170 games in casuals. Not suprising given that the UK scene lacks players, though that is not to take anything away from his victory. He is a strong player.

Most of the weekend we were pretty much situated in the same area, and when we weren't (due to other tournaments) Gunsmith (admin of Orochinagi.com) was busy helping us get another TV and ps2 set up for casuals.

As you can see in the photo below at one point we got pretty much stuck with the smallest TV ever, i put a cigarette packet in front just to show you the scale (or lack of).

Although the turn out was a little dissapointing (about 20 players total, mainly from UK) it was nice that we had a good mix of old school Namco WonderPark players and some of the newer players all attending.
This year due to the event schedule not being up in time, many French players were unable to attend as they could not book their flights/eurostar before the event.

Hopefully though next year when the main KOF game will be XIII they will be able to attend.

There was a bit of a problem regarding finals for KOF, first we had a bit of an issue with the players not turning up on time and then there were some technical difficulties with equipment. (Not uncommon in big gaming events) So we ended up doing quarter finals up until the 3rd place match off the stage, and only the final match on stage.

Not such a big deal but it was a shame that we were unable to play all games on the big stage for the second year in a row.

In the end though as mentioned Bata was too strong for the UK and took home the SVB2010 KOF championship title.

1UP with Bata

Bata and Creme Brulee (aka dobiqwolf)

1UP, Bullet Proof (admin of NeoEmpire) and Bata

KOF Players Group Photo
(1UP, Sendo, KusoGaki, Deacon Hyral, Windton, Tim119, Cristina, Robocop2, Bata, GigaD, ZeroNiiro, and Gunsmith)

Bata and me (and the champion stick)

Also non KOF related, but SVB had a few guests over including Daigo, Yoshinori Ono, Katsuhiro Harada, and Seth Killian. (Managed to get a photos with a few of them)

Although Daigo was likely the favourite to win on SSF4, he was knocked out in the semi finals by Ryan Hart (aka Prodigal Son) who at one point was a KOF player too. Unfortunately all of Ryan's hard work kinda went to waste as he was beaten in the Finals by French player Luffy.

Me and Daigo Umehara

Yoshinori Ono and me

Katsuhiro Hara and me

And finally, although i may have forgotten to mention some things, the KOF videos from SvB.

Quarter Finals:

GigaD vs Cristina

Tim119 vs Deacon Hyral

1up and Bata automatically advanced due to their opponents not turning up.

Semi Finals:

1UP vs Tim119

Giga_D vs Bata

3rd Place:

Tim119 vs Giga_D


1UP vs Bata


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