Monday, 20 September 2010

Samurai Shodown Sen £7.95 @

As the title says, this is currently £7.95 at

I've heard alot of bad things about this game, but since it's under 10quid i thought i'd order it anyway.

Tougeki SBO 2010 KOF Results


Ho Kun Xian(エリザベート、K'、タクマ)(シンガポール勢)

Winner: Oeppu (K', Mature, Raiden)
2nd Place: Jyaian (Mai, Iori, K')
Top 4: Kyabetsu (Andy, K' Kula) / Ho Kun Xian (Elizabeth, K', Takuma) [Singapore]


Winner: OZ (Hinako, K', Nameless)
2nd Place: M' (K', Kasumi (changed to Kula in finals), Nameless)
Top 4: Goshyo (Ryo, Ralf, Jhun) / Sukoa (K', Kasumi, King)

Results originally from here.

Friday, 10 September 2010

Arcadia Magazine [October 2010] - A Quick Look

Managed to get my copy of Arcadia in the mail today just before heading out to work, so had to quickly get a couple of photos done for the monthly write up.

As you can see from the cover it's an issue dedicated to Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown, and comes with a VF5FS command book, Lord of Vermillion DVD (have not watched this yet), and a
card for the Lord of Vermillion arcade game.

KOFwise there is not so much in the news section of the magazine, but there are still some combo guides and things in the back section of the magazine.

This months Maker's Hotline covers KOFXIII, from what i can tell it's just talking about characters in the stage's backgrounds and a rpg with SNKP characters for mobile phones.

The featured SNKP product(s) of the month are t-shirts featuring Nakoruru, Mai and Cham Cham. (Check out for more products and details)

Neo Geo Fan Club as usual, showing fan arts and last but not least the 'strategy section' of the magazine as mentioned has about 6 pages of KOFXIII stuff. Not too sure what in particular it covers as at this time i've only had a quick flick through it, only thing that caught my eye was some kind of frame data for some moves.

And just to finish off for this month, as i was asked in a previous write up to put up the list for the top 10 ranking for arcade fighting games i've added that below.

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

KOFXIII Figure Collection

Playasia has started taking preorders on the KOFXIII trading figures collection (Vol.1), there's a total of 12 figures plus one secret. Each figure will cost about £4.72 each, and orders of 12 will be sent in the original factory sealed box. Check out the preorder here.

Not too sure whether they are originally blind packaged, probably will be since there is a secret version, but Playasia will send them out randomly anyway.

Thursday, 2 September 2010

KOF: SkyStage coming to XBLA !

KOF Skystage has finally been given a release date for XBLA, it will be released on the 15th Sept priced at 800MS points. Check out the full details on SNKP's official site.

For those PSP owners out there, this game is also included on Neo Geo Heroes: Ultimate Shooting. (Though i think NGH:US's main game is alot better than KOF:SS)

Now they just need to hurry up and release KOF02UM on XBLA!!

King of Fighters (2010 Live Action)

Apparently this film is out now, i'm not sure where exactly it's been released (though i did read it was out in Singapore already) but apparently there's even a bluray out for it already???
Strangely i have not been able to find any online retailers who have it in stock yet, so it may well be just a leaked version that's floating out there on the internet.

I did manage to watch a few minutes of it last night before i went to sleep, i saw Mr.Big and that was about enough fun for one night...

Also lastly the latest issue of Arcadia has shipped from Playasia , usual write up will go up when i received that, not exactly sure what KOFXIII content this issue has as the image from the Arcadia website is too small for me to make out the text.