Thursday, 2 September 2010

King of Fighters (2010 Live Action)

Apparently this film is out now, i'm not sure where exactly it's been released (though i did read it was out in Singapore already) but apparently there's even a bluray out for it already???
Strangely i have not been able to find any online retailers who have it in stock yet, so it may well be just a leaked version that's floating out there on the internet.

I did manage to watch a few minutes of it last night before i went to sleep, i saw Mr.Big and that was about enough fun for one night...

Also lastly the latest issue of Arcadia has shipped from Playasia , usual write up will go up when i received that, not exactly sure what KOFXIII content this issue has as the image from the Arcadia website is too small for me to make out the text.

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