Sunday, 31 October 2010

King of Fighters 02UM [Europe] - FaceBook Fan Page

Was talking to Jericho MPM earlier and he suggested making a KOF02UM European fans page on facebook to promote and get more players active to play each other for the newly released port on XBLA.

You can either check it out here or if you scroll down the page you should see a toolbar in the sidebar. Of course all players around the world are welcome to join too.

Arcadia Magazine [DEC 2010] - Preview

Just noticed Arcadia's official website updated with some (small) preview images of it's next issue, can't seem to spot any indication of there being much (or any) KOFXIII content.

Hopefully Playasia will invoice me for this issue on Monday morning, so i should have it either the end of next week or the beginning of the week after.

If you'd like to order it yourself, it is up for preorder on either as an individual issue or you can subscribe for slightly cheaper.

Below is the preview images from the Arcadia website, also like the cover image are very tiny images.

KOF02UM - Endless Mode - A Boring Saturday

Pretty much had no plans for today, since i couldn't play 02UM online and i was working my way through some of the offline achievements i thought i'd play a bit of Endless Mode so i could get the '65 wins in Endless Mode' achievement.

Once i got to 65 wins i thought i'd might as well see how long i could go on for, especially since it's so easy to win with Igniz versus CPU. After almost 2 hours of playing i got bored and hungry so thought i'd just end it after i got through the 3rd loop of characters.

In the end i got 195 wins before i stopped.

Might try to do it again when they get the online servers connected to the game to see if i'm able to get a high score. Next time i'll probably have to do it earlier in the day though, and pray that my Xbox doesn't overheat.

Would be interested to know whether anyone else is bored enough to get higher than this, since it's not difficult just very time consuming, i'm sure there must be someone crazy enough out there to do 999+ wins.

Edit: It was pointed out to me by Jericho MPM on Neoempire's forums that the highest score on KOF98UM for Endless Mode currently was over 5000 wins, crazy stuff. May have to pass on trying to get a high score if people can manage to play for that long lol... :(

Saturday, 30 October 2010

King of Fighters 2002 UM hits XBLA early! A Quick Look.

I was informed by Gunsmith (Orochinagi admin) earlier on today that KOF02UM has been released early for XBLA. Although you cannot currently connect to XBL with this game, it is available now for purchase as well as being able to play a trial version.

Have only been able to play it a couple of hours, but thought i'd share my initial thoughts on it.

Firstly compared to NGBC there doesn't seem to be as much spit and polish as that game, which had all new backgrounds, extended screen size, as well as extras like a colour edit mode.
Not really a big deal since this is still a relatively new game in comparison, though it does make you wonder why it took them so long to port it (along with the delays).

From what i can remember, the backgrounds in this game look like the ones from the Arcade version rather than the ones from the original 02um on the ps2. I'm actually not sure whether the Tougeki Version for ps2 had these backgrounds also however. (My copy of the tougeki version is still sealed)

Omega Rugal's stage definitely looks alot better than it does in the original ps2 version.

It seems as though Gallery Mode has been removed from this version, though Endless and Challenge Modes are still in there for those who enjoy the one player experience. In place of Gallery mode though this does add online versus play, which as i mentioned is currently unavailable. Speculation is that XBLA titles which are released earlier than expected are not yet added to the online game servers.

This also does not have the original 2002 packaged into it like the ps2 version does.

As well as the online versus mode, there is also a leaderboards menu (see image below) where you can (not yet) view various rankings as well as some kind of True Skill Ranking. A quick google brings up this information about True Skill ranking.

I'm not sure whether this is actually the Tougeki version (though i would imagine it is) or the original 02um, i haven't actually spent enough time with the Tougeki version to know many of the differences aside from the really obvious glitches which were removed for that version.

It remains to be seen whether this is worth the upgrade from the ps2 version, as we still cannot test the online mode which i'd imagine most players would be looking forward to in this version.
Once i'm able to test out the online i'll post up some reports on that.

For players who may not own any version of 02UM i would recommend this game, i would consider this as one of the best games released by SNKP in the past few years and quite possibly one of the better KOF games overall. Also at a budget price of 800MS (as compared to the £20ish cost of the import ps2 version) it is quite a bargain.

Until they sort out the servers i'll be spending my time trying to get the offline achievements :D

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

KOFXIII - Heading to Consoles in Q1 2011 ?

Website reports that SNKPlaymore will be sponsoring the American event Oni-Con 2010, which will be held this weekend.

Within this article it also mentions that KOFXIII may currently be slated for a Q1 2011 console release. Whilst this is still a while off, it does however at least give SNKP the chance to work out any glitches or bugs (and hopefully sort out some balance issues), as well as possibly adding more characters.

For more details check out the original article here and details on Oni Con here.

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

KOFXIII - Mini Tourney, La Mythik

Hokuto-Youseff has posted up a few videos of the mini tournament they ran over the past weekend whilst the UK players were visting La Mythik. So far there's three videos featuring each one of the UK players versus the French players.

Tahar [FR] vs RORY [UK]

Gunsmith[UK] vs Salim [FR]

MichelS [UK] vs ??? [FR]

Check out the rest of the vids on VSFClub's Youtube Channel, all of the tournament vids start with KOFXIII First Contact/ title.


Monday, 25 October 2010

UK visit to La Mythik, Paris

Gunsmith has been updating his blog over on Orochinagi regarding the UK visit to the arcade La Mythik in Paris, which took place this past weekend. Unfortunately was unable to make it myself due to my passport running out, and lack of spare funds to renew passport. :(

Read his write ups, with photos over on Orochinagi.

KOF XIII Weekend: Notes and Trip Photos
Kof XIII weekend 2nd report
KOF XIII Weekend – Gunsmith’s First Impressions

Videos also up on his Youtube channel, Karlsimposter.

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Trouble Witches NEO! [XBLA]

Bit of a suprise this one, i'm pretty sure that this started out as a homebrew/PC title as i've got a version of it from a few years back on my PC somewhere, so i think this is only published by SNKP. In any case it's nice to see they are branching out and securing other titles rather than just the usual Metal Slug or KOF games.

I remember this title being fairly decent as well, so hopefully it sells well enough for them to warrant securing more IPs and expanding the SNKP library. Let's hope that this is a sign of things picking up for SNKP, as they haven't been too impressive in the past years.

Information from the SNKP on XBLA Facebook Page:

Microsoft Points:800


Date Released:This Winter


Bullet waves are a chance for high scores!? “TROUBLE WITCHES NEO!” is a game for shooting maniacs featuring young witches, alchemy, and a Magic Barrier game system you can master in order to turn enemy bullets into gold! 8 cute maid-witches are ready to challenge this frantic “Bullet Hell” horizontal shooter for the highest scores! In addition to the local 2P CO-OP play in offline mode, you can also play ONLINE in cooperation with players worldwide via Xbox LIVE! Despite its cute and magical environment, “TROUBLE WITCHES NEO!” is truly meant for hardcore players!


Enjoy the exciting feeling of threading through waves of bullets and change enemies’ bullets into gold via the Magic Barrier System!!

Use the MP Gauge to deploy the Magic Barrier and slow down the incoming waves of bullets! Shoot down all enemies on screen to convert the bullets they have fired into gold coins and collect them! The exhilarating feeling of avoiding enemies’ bullets until the Magic Barrier disappears, and the pleasure of using alchemy to change bullets into money can also be experimented in CO-OP PLAY! Concentrate on your enemies’ bullets as much as possible with the Magic Barrier in order to get a lot of money!

Use your gold to purchase items at the Pumpkin Shops! Magic Cards enable Special Attacks!

If a Pumpkin Shop appears during the game, enter in without hesitation and buy some “Magic Cards”! Special Attacks which are enabled by the “Magic Cards” are really powerful, and they will give you Star Coins if you use them to shoot down the enemies. Be sure to use the “Magic Cards” when you are in a pinch!

8 cute maid-witches are available! Choose your favorite character and play-style!

The player can choose from 8 cute maid-witches (including two unlockable characters available under certain conditions)! Each witch fires a slightly different type of shot and moves at a different speed: choose your favorite character and play style!

Exclusive to Xbox LIVE Arcade! ARRANGE 360 MODE features a lot of options for hours of fun!

The Xbox LIVE Arcade exclusive “ARRANGE 360 MODE” of “TROUBLE WITCHES NEO!” features numerous additional options: as well as “SINGLE PLAY” (in which a second player can join the game at any time), “MULTI PLAY (OFFLINE)” in which two witches can play in cooperation, and “STORY MODE” where you can enjoy the story of each character in full voiced dialogue. A “CHALLENGE MODE”, made up of “SCORE ATTACK” and “BOSS ATTACK” modes for the hardcore players, is also available!

Let’s play in co-op mode with witches from around the world via Xbox LIVE!!

ONLINE CO-OP PLAY is possible with players worldwide via the Xbox LIVE network! Furthermore, “TROUBLE WITCHES NEO!” features LEADERBOARDS to check the world rankings and a REPLAY function in order to watch maniac players’ gameplay!!

A quick look at Retro Gamer Magazine - Collector's Corner

Whilst browsing through some of my older magazines i came across a pile of Retro Gamer magazines, which i haven't read for a while.

As you may or may not know Retro Gamer is a British magazine, which focuses (unsuprisingly) on retro games, and occasionally has features on the Neo Geo/SNKP.

So i thought it'd be worth sharing bits and pieces of the Neo Geo/SNKP related articles from the various issues i have.

For the first write up i thought i'd show a small piece they run in the magazine called Collector's Corner, which is from the Pac Man issue (issue 61 i believe), where people can send in images of their various retro games collections. For this particular issue a reader has sent in some images of his Neo Geo AES collection, i think there is a bit of an error though as one of the blurbs is a mismatch to the image (it should be attached to the image below instead).

The magazine is still ongoing, you can check out the official website here where you can subscribe or buy some of the back issues. Alternatively there is also an app for iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad where you can buy issues for reading on your iDevice (about £2.99 an issue, as opposed to £5 an issue from the shops).

I'll try to get up some images of other issues when i get the chance, at some point i'll post up images of my personal SNK collection on here too.

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Garou Densetsu: Memories of Stray Wolves

I had read about this short movie on SNK Wiki quite a while ago, but only today remembered to actually have a search for the video online.

For those who may not have heard of this, it is basically a rundown of all the events in the Fatal Fury universe up to Garou: MOTW. It was part of the 15th Anniversary of Fatal Fury CD Package.

Although the actual videos are in Japanese with no subs, you can read the basic plot summary of it on SNK Wiki.


From GrandMasterC23's Youtube Channel.

Monday, 18 October 2010

KOFXIII - France, La Mythik videos

A couple of new videos have been uploaded to VSFClub's Youtube channel from the arcade in Paris, La Mythik. A few of the UK players will be visiting there this coming Saturday, led by Gunsmith (admin of Orochinagi), so stay tuned to his blog on Orochinagi for more news and videos regarding that trip.

In the meantime check out Versus Fighting Club's website, all in French.

Friday, 15 October 2010

XBLA King of Fighters 2002:UM - Release date announced

SNKPlaymore's XBLA page on Facebook today updated with news of the long awaited XBLA port of KOF02UM.

It will be released on November 3rd, and priced at 800MS points (A bargain considering the Tougeki version still costs about £20).

Check out the trailer below:

Hopefully if the netcode is as good as or better than the one we saw in Neo Geo Battle Colliseum we can get at least a UK online scene going for this game seeing as we don't have the game in the arcade.

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

King of Fighters Kyo and K' Figures

Was randomly browsing eBay for Street Fighter and King of Fighters items at work today and came across a few things i'd never seen before.

First up is this KOF2000 Kyo figure which i found pretty hilarious, has got to be one of the scariest looking KOF figures ever. Not too sure which company produced this, but they need to try harder next time. :)

Next up was a K' figure, which came up in Google image results whilst i was searching information on the above figure. Apparently this was supposed to be coming out this year along with the Vanessa figure (which btw is up on for preorder at £150!!), i'm not quite sure why K' has suddenly developed breasts though...

I tried to check out the site listed on the bit of paper behind the figure, but it didn't show this figure on there at all so i think this figure may well have been cancelled.

Bit of a shame if it was as the sculpt actually looks pretty decent aside from his man boobs, looks like it's articulated as well which is pretty cool.

Anyone interested in buying the scary Kyo figure, it's currently going for £19.99 (+£4.20 shipping) on eBay.

Monday, 11 October 2010

Arcadia Magazine [November 2010] - A Quick Look

Another month another Arcadia, this month features the newest Gundam game to hit the arcades in Japan as well as having the various news from Tougeki SBO.

Not any KOFXIII news this month that i could find, if there are any small bits i missed i will put them up later, though there is a slight bit of SNKP related stuff.

First up just the double page spread advertising KOF02UM and KOF:SkyStage for XBLA, still no date on KOF02UM though unfortunately just the vague Autumn release we've heard about.

Makers Hotline covers KOF02UM and KOF:Skystage, some kind of pervy looking game for mobile phones. Featured product(s) like last month are for various Neo Geo branded goods on

Neo Geo Fan Club with the usual fan arts section.

This month's 'Girl's Island' features Mai Shiranui.

And finally the winners section of Tougeki with Oeppu (KOFXIII) and OZ (KOF02UM), and the monthly Arcadia Arcade Ranking with KOFXIII still holding on to the 7th place spot.

Just one last thing, is that i have noticed and been told that people are using my photos of Arcadia on other sites without asking or linking back to my blog.

I don't mind if people want to use my photos, just as long as you link back to my blog or at the very least mention it. If not in the future i will start sticking watermarks over the images, which is not very ideal for anyone.

This month's issue of Arcadia is available from and also available slightly cheaper via their subscription offer.

Saturday, 9 October 2010

KOFXIII Arcade Update News 2

Saw this on DreamCancel's forums again, originally from mmcafe:

SNKP hasn't made any public announcements, but so far from what's been reported by players, it's basically just a bug and infinite fix. Things that players have confirmed so far-

-Hwa Jai's outofscreen bug, Vice's throw glitch, and Ralf's NeoMax bugs are fixed. Throw escape bug for Mai is apparently still present.
-Infinites (Mature, Joe) are gone. However, infinites limited to character pairing (Kim vs Takuma, Iori vs Mai) are reportedly still present.
-Meterless EX for Goro and Takuma are fixed.
-Raiden's eats damage when his anti-air throw trades hits.
-Roll HD is gone.
-No character balance changes, meaning Raiden still has his drop kicks and the GCDK is present, K' still has his same Jump D, etcetc.

So basically, it just means that in terms of general gameplay, people will be dropping Mature and continue to use a teamup of K' & Raiden & (Liz-Kula-Kyo-whatever). For the hasstle of an HDD replacement, that's a bit of a pity.

Bit dissapointing they never chose to sort out Raiden's dropkick, and that some minor bugs are still present but at least they have acknowledged and fixed some of the problems.

Thursday, 7 October 2010

KOFXIII Arcade Update News

Saw this posted up on DreamCancel's forums by Kane317.

From Madman in Japan:
It's still been under half a day since the update came out so there's not much details yet. I'm assuming that SNKP might make an announcement to the general public on their blog today.. if they're competent.

According to some early reports, the bugs and infinites have been taken out (say goodbye to the massive Mature population). The roll HD has reportedly been taken out. Players are saying that there doesn't seem to be any balance changes?
I probably won't have time for hands-on until the weekend.

Still no announcements on the Official KOFXIII blog regarding the update yet, so will have to wait to see what the exact changes are.

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Rumour - KOFXIII arcade update ?

Saw this posted up over on Neoempire's forums by Kaworu, seems like over on Versuscity they believe there will be an update to KOFXIII. Doesn't specify what exactly is being updated or the original source of information though.

I'm not sure if it was the same site or not, but i do remember some time ago hearing about a KOFXII update which never happened so don't get your hopes up yet.

Hopefully they'll bring out the console version soon and none of this will matter.

Read the original post here.

Anyway new Arcadia has shipped, should hopefully have that next week.
Not too sure whether there is any KOFXIII related things this month, but i'll do the usual write up if there is.