Monday, 11 October 2010

Arcadia Magazine [November 2010] - A Quick Look

Another month another Arcadia, this month features the newest Gundam game to hit the arcades in Japan as well as having the various news from Tougeki SBO.

Not any KOFXIII news this month that i could find, if there are any small bits i missed i will put them up later, though there is a slight bit of SNKP related stuff.

First up just the double page spread advertising KOF02UM and KOF:SkyStage for XBLA, still no date on KOF02UM though unfortunately just the vague Autumn release we've heard about.

Makers Hotline covers KOF02UM and KOF:Skystage, some kind of pervy looking game for mobile phones. Featured product(s) like last month are for various Neo Geo branded goods on

Neo Geo Fan Club with the usual fan arts section.

This month's 'Girl's Island' features Mai Shiranui.

And finally the winners section of Tougeki with Oeppu (KOFXIII) and OZ (KOF02UM), and the monthly Arcadia Arcade Ranking with KOFXIII still holding on to the 7th place spot.

Just one last thing, is that i have noticed and been told that people are using my photos of Arcadia on other sites without asking or linking back to my blog.

I don't mind if people want to use my photos, just as long as you link back to my blog or at the very least mention it. If not in the future i will start sticking watermarks over the images, which is not very ideal for anyone.

This month's issue of Arcadia is available from and also available slightly cheaper via their subscription offer.


  1. mjvotaw@gmail.com11 October 2010 at 17:32

    So I know this is outside the scope of your blog, but I've got a favor to ask you. I'm looking for a few pages from this issue of Arcadia.

    It has a few pages on Konami's Bemani games (Beatmania IIDX, I believe).

    Is there any way I could convince you to scan/take some photos for me?


  2. I'll see what i can do when i get home, will post it up in this comment section.

  3. mjvotaw@gmail.com12 October 2010 at 00:07

    Thank you!



    Here ya go, some of them are the wrong way round though lol.

  5. I don't know, maybe watermarking it's just too much work in the long run? Perhaps it could be easier to just ad ukblog to every file name while you capture them? At least to me that's faster thant psping every picture.

    BTW I'm kinda guilty of this, I was googling for news and I remember a searcher directing me to the scan of the arcade ranking; and I just couldn't trace back it's procedence due to lack of clues within the file name and picture.

    .... As someones that translates news I do find annoyance in people spreading the "product" without mentioning the source at all, specially if I end up seeing the work as a "exclusive news" somewhere else.

  6. Yeah, i'm not too much of a fan of watermarking myself. Especially since i would rather take the photos and upload it the same morning i received it. Also spoils the image i think.

    I'll consider to try using the filename method next month, thanks :)

    Great site btw, love the research into character designs. I'll have to check out that KuriKinton game.

    Shame i can't understand xD