Tuesday, 12 October 2010

King of Fighters Kyo and K' Figures

Was randomly browsing eBay for Street Fighter and King of Fighters items at work today and came across a few things i'd never seen before.

First up is this KOF2000 Kyo figure which i found pretty hilarious, has got to be one of the scariest looking KOF figures ever. Not too sure which company produced this, but they need to try harder next time. :)

Next up was a K' figure, which came up in Google image results whilst i was searching information on the above figure. Apparently this was supposed to be coming out this year along with the Vanessa figure (which btw is up on play.com for preorder at £150!!), i'm not quite sure why K' has suddenly developed breasts though...

I tried to check out the site listed on the bit of paper behind the figure, but it didn't show this figure on there at all so i think this figure may well have been cancelled.

Bit of a shame if it was as the sculpt actually looks pretty decent aside from his man boobs, looks like it's articulated as well which is pretty cool.

Anyone interested in buying the scary Kyo figure, it's currently going for £19.99 (+£4.20 shipping) on eBay.


  1. Moobs!

    Btw, when are you going to get round to making me a decent KUK banner for my links section?

    Come round Fri eve for Um... beatings?

    btw this is Gunsmith.

  2. I think i did one before, ages ago when i was still using the XII logo. Dunno where it is now, i'll pm you on Orochinagi when i get one done.

    I'll see what time i finish work on Friday, usually if it's like a 8pm finish then i'm too dead to play games :(

  3. Dead? You should have still come!

    5 players + Morrison's kick = KOF Undead at 3am