Sunday, 31 October 2010

KOF02UM - Endless Mode - A Boring Saturday

Pretty much had no plans for today, since i couldn't play 02UM online and i was working my way through some of the offline achievements i thought i'd play a bit of Endless Mode so i could get the '65 wins in Endless Mode' achievement.

Once i got to 65 wins i thought i'd might as well see how long i could go on for, especially since it's so easy to win with Igniz versus CPU. After almost 2 hours of playing i got bored and hungry so thought i'd just end it after i got through the 3rd loop of characters.

In the end i got 195 wins before i stopped.

Might try to do it again when they get the online servers connected to the game to see if i'm able to get a high score. Next time i'll probably have to do it earlier in the day though, and pray that my Xbox doesn't overheat.

Would be interested to know whether anyone else is bored enough to get higher than this, since it's not difficult just very time consuming, i'm sure there must be someone crazy enough out there to do 999+ wins.

Edit: It was pointed out to me by Jericho MPM on Neoempire's forums that the highest score on KOF98UM for Endless Mode currently was over 5000 wins, crazy stuff. May have to pass on trying to get a high score if people can manage to play for that long lol... :(

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