Saturday, 9 October 2010

KOFXIII Arcade Update News 2

Saw this on DreamCancel's forums again, originally from mmcafe:

SNKP hasn't made any public announcements, but so far from what's been reported by players, it's basically just a bug and infinite fix. Things that players have confirmed so far-

-Hwa Jai's outofscreen bug, Vice's throw glitch, and Ralf's NeoMax bugs are fixed. Throw escape bug for Mai is apparently still present.
-Infinites (Mature, Joe) are gone. However, infinites limited to character pairing (Kim vs Takuma, Iori vs Mai) are reportedly still present.
-Meterless EX for Goro and Takuma are fixed.
-Raiden's eats damage when his anti-air throw trades hits.
-Roll HD is gone.
-No character balance changes, meaning Raiden still has his drop kicks and the GCDK is present, K' still has his same Jump D, etcetc.

So basically, it just means that in terms of general gameplay, people will be dropping Mature and continue to use a teamup of K' & Raiden & (Liz-Kula-Kyo-whatever). For the hasstle of an HDD replacement, that's a bit of a pity.

Bit dissapointing they never chose to sort out Raiden's dropkick, and that some minor bugs are still present but at least they have acknowledged and fixed some of the problems.

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