Thursday, 21 October 2010

A quick look at Retro Gamer Magazine - Collector's Corner

Whilst browsing through some of my older magazines i came across a pile of Retro Gamer magazines, which i haven't read for a while.

As you may or may not know Retro Gamer is a British magazine, which focuses (unsuprisingly) on retro games, and occasionally has features on the Neo Geo/SNKP.

So i thought it'd be worth sharing bits and pieces of the Neo Geo/SNKP related articles from the various issues i have.

For the first write up i thought i'd show a small piece they run in the magazine called Collector's Corner, which is from the Pac Man issue (issue 61 i believe), where people can send in images of their various retro games collections. For this particular issue a reader has sent in some images of his Neo Geo AES collection, i think there is a bit of an error though as one of the blurbs is a mismatch to the image (it should be attached to the image below instead).

The magazine is still ongoing, you can check out the official website here where you can subscribe or buy some of the back issues. Alternatively there is also an app for iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad where you can buy issues for reading on your iDevice (about £2.99 an issue, as opposed to £5 an issue from the shops).

I'll try to get up some images of other issues when i get the chance, at some point i'll post up images of my personal SNK collection on here too.

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