Thursday, 21 October 2010

Trouble Witches NEO! [XBLA]

Bit of a suprise this one, i'm pretty sure that this started out as a homebrew/PC title as i've got a version of it from a few years back on my PC somewhere, so i think this is only published by SNKP. In any case it's nice to see they are branching out and securing other titles rather than just the usual Metal Slug or KOF games.

I remember this title being fairly decent as well, so hopefully it sells well enough for them to warrant securing more IPs and expanding the SNKP library. Let's hope that this is a sign of things picking up for SNKP, as they haven't been too impressive in the past years.

Information from the SNKP on XBLA Facebook Page:

Microsoft Points:800


Date Released:This Winter


Bullet waves are a chance for high scores!? “TROUBLE WITCHES NEO!” is a game for shooting maniacs featuring young witches, alchemy, and a Magic Barrier game system you can master in order to turn enemy bullets into gold! 8 cute maid-witches are ready to challenge this frantic “Bullet Hell” horizontal shooter for the highest scores! In addition to the local 2P CO-OP play in offline mode, you can also play ONLINE in cooperation with players worldwide via Xbox LIVE! Despite its cute and magical environment, “TROUBLE WITCHES NEO!” is truly meant for hardcore players!


Enjoy the exciting feeling of threading through waves of bullets and change enemies’ bullets into gold via the Magic Barrier System!!

Use the MP Gauge to deploy the Magic Barrier and slow down the incoming waves of bullets! Shoot down all enemies on screen to convert the bullets they have fired into gold coins and collect them! The exhilarating feeling of avoiding enemies’ bullets until the Magic Barrier disappears, and the pleasure of using alchemy to change bullets into money can also be experimented in CO-OP PLAY! Concentrate on your enemies’ bullets as much as possible with the Magic Barrier in order to get a lot of money!

Use your gold to purchase items at the Pumpkin Shops! Magic Cards enable Special Attacks!

If a Pumpkin Shop appears during the game, enter in without hesitation and buy some “Magic Cards”! Special Attacks which are enabled by the “Magic Cards” are really powerful, and they will give you Star Coins if you use them to shoot down the enemies. Be sure to use the “Magic Cards” when you are in a pinch!

8 cute maid-witches are available! Choose your favorite character and play-style!

The player can choose from 8 cute maid-witches (including two unlockable characters available under certain conditions)! Each witch fires a slightly different type of shot and moves at a different speed: choose your favorite character and play style!

Exclusive to Xbox LIVE Arcade! ARRANGE 360 MODE features a lot of options for hours of fun!

The Xbox LIVE Arcade exclusive “ARRANGE 360 MODE” of “TROUBLE WITCHES NEO!” features numerous additional options: as well as “SINGLE PLAY” (in which a second player can join the game at any time), “MULTI PLAY (OFFLINE)” in which two witches can play in cooperation, and “STORY MODE” where you can enjoy the story of each character in full voiced dialogue. A “CHALLENGE MODE”, made up of “SCORE ATTACK” and “BOSS ATTACK” modes for the hardcore players, is also available!

Let’s play in co-op mode with witches from around the world via Xbox LIVE!!

ONLINE CO-OP PLAY is possible with players worldwide via the Xbox LIVE network! Furthermore, “TROUBLE WITCHES NEO!” features LEADERBOARDS to check the world rankings and a REPLAY function in order to watch maniac players’ gameplay!!

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