Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Orochinagi XBL KOF02UM - Beginners and Scrubs Online Tournament

Orochinagi member Giga_D has been hosting the XBL Beginners and Scrubs online tournament, with the first having taken place this past Monday.

Results for that tournament are as follows:

You can see the rest of the matches i played here on my Youtube channel, unfortunately because there is no way to view other people's matches there are only the matches i played.

The sign ups for the next one are taking place now, with the actual tournament running next Monday at 10:30pm, you can sign up for it over at Orochinagi and to see full details.

Or alternatively if you're based in the US there will be an XBL session hosted by Nilcam on Sunday 21st Nov, full details can be viewed over on Dreamcancel's forums.

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