Monday, 1 November 2010

Parcel From Japan, some old SNK Goods

A friend of mine who is currently living in Japan occasionally helps me buy things from Yahoo Auction, received a fairly large box today full of different things so thought i'd show some of the SNK stuff.

First up several KOF keychains, fairly dirty due to age, but they were only Y100 (77p) each.
From the looks of it they were produced as KOF95 goods, not quite as nice as some of the other ones i've bought from Hong Kong in the past though.

Next up some more KOF95 figures. This time, from the looks of it, some sort of collaboration between Sega and SNK. Can't seem to find much information about these, Google search just brings up loads of results about Sega Saturn KOF95...

Robert and Terry are still sealed, hopefully u can see them through the dusty stained bag, only Athena was opened so i took that out to take photos. Apologies for some of the sideways images, not sure why blogspot uploads them sideways even after i saved them the right way.

Not too sure if u can tell from the images but these figures are fairly big, suprised me when i got them this morning, they looked alot smaller when i saw the images in Yahoo Auction.

Sculpts are not too bad, Athena's face does look kind of amusing and i'm pretty sure her boobs are lopsided.

Lastly the SNK Gamest Mook Vol.40: The Collection of Drafts About SNK Design Works, features pretty much what it says on the cover. I'll try and do a video like the one i did for the All About SNK book when i've got the chance.

Have also got the Tougeki DVD from when they ran NeoWave, i'm not too sure whether i'll rip it though as Youtube seems to like taking down the videos from Tougeki and it seems to take quite long to do. Maybe one of those things i'll do when i have absolutely nothing to do, no promises though.

For some reason Playasia hasn't sent me the invoice for the latest issue of Arcadia (maybe sick of me always asking to refund the price they keep charging me wrong), have sent them an email to ask them to invoice me so maybe will get that issue later than i planned.

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