Wednesday, 15 December 2010

K' and Mai Figures to be released next year

Whilst doing my daily morning/afternoon browse of Kotaku i came across an article about the K' figure i mentioned a while back as well as some new Mai figurines.

Now looking more finalised than in previous images, it seems that these figures will come in two colour schemes. Doesn't seem to be a price or a set release date (that i can see anyway), but i'd imagine these would be out by some time next year. Also as previously mentioned these figures are articulated, so you can pose K' in any way you wish...

The Mai figures to be released will be in either her original KOF outfit or Maximum impact Version, again no set price tag but does give a vague Spring release. Bit of a shame that Mai isn't articulated too...

You can check out the rest of the images from the Treasure Festa over on (where these images were originally sourced from), be aware though some of the figures shown may be NSFW. (Though i guess if you're able to look at Mai figurines at work then this shouldn't matter too much lol.)

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