Friday, 24 December 2010

King Of Fighters 94 - Neo Geo Station - Another quick look

Thought i'd make a vid to show the different menus and options in the PSN port of KOF94, there's quite a few things there so the video is quite long.

One thing i did forget to mention in my previous entry was that this port actually has no practice mode. Even though it didn't exist either in the original AES/MVS versions, they did add it to the Orochi Collection and 94Rebout so thought it was a bit of an odd choice not to include it in this port.

Also another thing that was pointed out to me today was that you can actually save replays of an entire session and not just one match, a great tool for if you need to record matches or save matches to record later.

I've added some more videos from last night on to my Youtube channel, gameplay is alot smoother than in the earlier vids i uploaded. (Still not perfect but at least in some form playable.)

On an unrelated note, the next issue of Arcadia should have some sort of feature regarding KOF98UM:FE according to the Arcadia website. Will post up the preview images when they go up on that site.

And lastly NeoEmpire will be hosting a KOF02UM tournament at Ultimate Clash 4, which will be held on the Xbox360 version, on the 23rd Jan 2011. Check out the thread on NeoEmpire's forums for more details.

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