Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Neo Geo Station heads to PS3 and PSP.


SNKPlaymore has just opened it's new NEO GEO Station website to announce it's collection of Neo Geo Classics heading over to the PS3 and PSP.

It seems unlike other 'Classics' on the PSN, like PC Engine and PS1, these will not be transferrable between the PS3 and PSP systems and are seperate purchases.

To make up for this however each game now has additional features not present in the original games, such as online play for the ps3 version and wireless LAN/Ad-Hoc in the case of the PSP (no online mode for PSP...).

From what i understand these will be emulated ports from the Neo Geo AES so aside from additional features, all bugs/glitches present in the original versions will carry over.(Get ready for some KOF94 grab infinites xD )

There's no indication currently as to whether you would be able to full screen each game or whether you would be able to turn on any screen filters, screenshots/videos currently only show games bordered (slightly excessively).

At the moment prices seem to vary slightly between regions Y900/$8.99/€8.99 for the PS3 versions and Y700/$6.99/€6.99 for the PSP versions.

If you click the GAMEST link in each of the game's information page you can view scans from old issues of the GAMEST magazine/mooks showing tips for each respective title. (Though these are still all in Japanese as they were originally.)

Check out the Official Facebook page, European Official site, and SNKPlaymore's Youtube channel for more details.

Also the Neo Geo Pad USB is now up for preorder on Playasia.com, price is currently around £28/9.

See below for images of the titles to be released, the first games will be released in late December (EU/US/JPN):


  1. The reason of why the ps3 and psp games are different is quite simple : The ps3 games have a bunch of extra emulator like features that he psp won't have (like recording movies).

    The price difference is a little to pronnounced, I'd say... Then again some of these are a must get, specially if you can movie your playthroughs.

  2. The ps3 ones i think are definitely worth the money, i'm gonna enjoy playing KOF94 online :D

    The PSP ones though you'd be better off getting the SNK Arcade Classics vol.1 instead.