Sunday, 5 December 2010

Super Street Fighter IV vs Bata

Had the winner of KOF02UM at SVB20-X Bata around my house today to play some KOF. Unfortunately due to short notice i couldn't get any other KOF players to come round, and since it's boring for him to kick the crap out of me all day he asked me if he could try out SSF4.

After about 20 minutes in training mode i told him to try playing online on PSN to see how he'd do.

Here's the first of the vids:

Considering it was his first time playing it today i think he did pretty well, seemed to do better against people who picked shotos but didn't know what to do against some of the other characters.

When i asked him what he thought of SSF4 (and playing online) his response was 'stressful'. xD

The rest of the vids are being uploaded to my Youtube Channel, there are 3 videos in total.


  1. He's been playing for half an hour goes for links already lol, good shit! Will he be attending tourneys in France btw?

  2. I'm not sure if he's going to go to France, i've asked him a couple of times but his response is that he would go if he can find the time.

    Some French players are supposed to be coming here in February though to play him.

  3. I also talked to DarkGeese and he's considering coming to europe to play some mm at WGC against some French players.

    He said he will check if he can perhaps bring Kula with him or not.

  4. Ah yeah, i saw that post about DG considering going to WGC. Showed Bata as well, as he was around when i read that thread.

    Only thing he's been telling me is the same thing, that he would go if he had the time to.