Sunday, 16 January 2011

King of Fighters '98 Arrange Sound Trax

Randomly found this CD, which i bought in Hong Kong about 12 years ago, whilst looking for something else. Thought i'd back it up onto my laptop as the disk was pretty scratched and since i went through all that trouble anyway thought i'd might as well share it with everyone else.

Track details can be found on VGMDB, i believe the last song 'Present Holiday (Athena Asamiya)' on the CD is actually sung by Haruna Ikezawa (Athena's voice actress).

01 CIPHER (Title)
02 ESAKA (Kyo Kusanagi)
03 FANATIC WALTZ (Shermie of the Raging Lightning)
04 MAD FANTASY (Chris of the Flames of Destiny)
05 IN SPITE OF ONE'S AGE (Master Team)
06 Stormy Saxophone (Iori Yagami)
07 THE ЯR (Rugal Bernstein)
08 Showdown R & D (Omega Rugal)
09 ZERO (Staff Roll)
10 PRESENT-HOLIDAY (Athena Asamiya)

Anyway it's uploaded to Mediafire here, so enjoy!
(BTW the files are in wma file format, my Windows Media Player isn't working properly so i'm not sure if it was possible to make them into mp3 or anything else, so they were just ripped as wma.)

Monday, 10 January 2011

King of Fighters XIII Collection - Chibi Figure - A Quick Look/Unboxing

As previously mentioned i ordered one of the new KOFXIII figures from Playasia just before the New Year and received that this morning in the mail. Though i'd take a couple of photos and do a little 'unboxing of' video as the figure comes blind boxed.

Was a little dissapointed with the figure i got, i really wanted Raiden so i could make him dropkick the other little figures on my desk...Not too bad to get Leona though i suppose. 

The quality of the figure is quite average (not poor, not excellent), i think for it's size though it is fairly expensive though (£5 from Playasia) and thought it was more like a £2/3 figure. Not too bad, though not sure if i would buy any more. Maybe if the price drops a bit.

Anyone interested in buying them they are available on Playasia, i think it was about £7 including shipping for one figure.

Check out more pics below.

Friday, 7 January 2011

KOF94 - Neo Geo Station - Online Play vids

Played a few games against Jericho MPM the other day on PSN, thought i'd film and upload them.
Got the crap kicked out of me, since aside from the off the floor grab infinites i don't know much else about 94, but did learn some new things like Athena being able to have more than one fireball on the screen at once (o_O).

As we both live in London the connection was pretty much silky smooth, i've embedded a few of the vids in this post but you can check out the rest of the vids on my youtube channel.

Also SNKP have been uploading loads of vids to their Youtube channel, in particular the Magician Lord playthroughs are worth watching. (Considering how tough that game is, it's pretty cool to see someone playing through it with ease!)

Right now they have only uploaded up to stage 3, they also have videos showing how to beat Amakusa in Samsho and Rugal in KOF94. Check out the Neo Geo Station official blog to see more details.

Sunday, 2 January 2011

No More 'Arcadia Magazine - A Quick Look'

Although it has made up a large part of my blog content i have decided to cancel my subscription of Arcadia Magazine. This is due to trying to put money aside to set up a fund to do a Working Holiday Visa to Japan.

As it seems lately the 'big' SNKP news is becoming less frequent it feels like a lot of money is being wasted importing the magazine every month for £15, which could be used for other things. 

Apologies to those who did read the updates i did regarding Arcadia, it's just not currently feasible.

For those who can read Japanese you can normally preview the next/current issue of the official website or follow their Twitter feed.

I did however order one of the KOFXIII chibi figures, which were recently made available on Playasia, whilst clearing out the remainder of my refunded store credit. Will take some pics when that arrives.

As for this blog itself, even though i will be busier from now on i will continue to update it when i can.