Sunday, 16 January 2011

King of Fighters '98 Arrange Sound Trax

Randomly found this CD, which i bought in Hong Kong about 12 years ago, whilst looking for something else. Thought i'd back it up onto my laptop as the disk was pretty scratched and since i went through all that trouble anyway thought i'd might as well share it with everyone else.

Track details can be found on VGMDB, i believe the last song 'Present Holiday (Athena Asamiya)' on the CD is actually sung by Haruna Ikezawa (Athena's voice actress).

01 CIPHER (Title)
02 ESAKA (Kyo Kusanagi)
03 FANATIC WALTZ (Shermie of the Raging Lightning)
04 MAD FANTASY (Chris of the Flames of Destiny)
05 IN SPITE OF ONE'S AGE (Master Team)
06 Stormy Saxophone (Iori Yagami)
07 THE ЯR (Rugal Bernstein)
08 Showdown R & D (Omega Rugal)
09 ZERO (Staff Roll)
10 PRESENT-HOLIDAY (Athena Asamiya)

Anyway it's uploaded to Mediafire here, so enjoy!
(BTW the files are in wma file format, my Windows Media Player isn't working properly so i'm not sure if it was possible to make them into mp3 or anything else, so they were just ripped as wma.)


  1. Wow, it is cooler than The King Of Fighters 1998 Ultimate Match Arrange Sountrack! Thank you!