Monday, 10 January 2011

King of Fighters XIII Collection - Chibi Figure - A Quick Look/Unboxing

As previously mentioned i ordered one of the new KOFXIII figures from Playasia just before the New Year and received that this morning in the mail. Though i'd take a couple of photos and do a little 'unboxing of' video as the figure comes blind boxed.

Was a little dissapointed with the figure i got, i really wanted Raiden so i could make him dropkick the other little figures on my desk...Not too bad to get Leona though i suppose. 

The quality of the figure is quite average (not poor, not excellent), i think for it's size though it is fairly expensive though (£5 from Playasia) and thought it was more like a £2/3 figure. Not too bad, though not sure if i would buy any more. Maybe if the price drops a bit.

Anyone interested in buying them they are available on Playasia, i think it was about £7 including shipping for one figure.

Check out more pics below.


  1. beautiful leona :D

  2. I want a chibi Kyo, Iori, and Mai.. :D

  3. Leona...I'm jealous

  4. i want Kyo . Iori . K' , but where can i find it? in a net shop? ebay or amazon?

    1. I think there are some sellers who sell them on eBay but it is very expensive.

      Even in Japan I've found it kind of difficult to be able to find out where to buy them.

  5. After hours of browsing, I happened to find one of Raiden at A-Kon! Woooooo! He can't drop kick anyone, of course. He uses his KOF 13 pose like almost everyone else.