Friday, 7 January 2011

KOF94 - Neo Geo Station - Online Play vids

Played a few games against Jericho MPM the other day on PSN, thought i'd film and upload them.
Got the crap kicked out of me, since aside from the off the floor grab infinites i don't know much else about 94, but did learn some new things like Athena being able to have more than one fireball on the screen at once (o_O).

As we both live in London the connection was pretty much silky smooth, i've embedded a few of the vids in this post but you can check out the rest of the vids on my youtube channel.

Also SNKP have been uploading loads of vids to their Youtube channel, in particular the Magician Lord playthroughs are worth watching. (Considering how tough that game is, it's pretty cool to see someone playing through it with ease!)

Right now they have only uploaded up to stage 3, they also have videos showing how to beat Amakusa in Samsho and Rugal in KOF94. Check out the Neo Geo Station official blog to see more details.

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  1. Kuso it's Michael Thanks for putting them up + as people can also see the netcode is very solid if your remote with friends in the same country...