Sunday, 2 January 2011

No More 'Arcadia Magazine - A Quick Look'

Although it has made up a large part of my blog content i have decided to cancel my subscription of Arcadia Magazine. This is due to trying to put money aside to set up a fund to do a Working Holiday Visa to Japan.

As it seems lately the 'big' SNKP news is becoming less frequent it feels like a lot of money is being wasted importing the magazine every month for £15, which could be used for other things. 

Apologies to those who did read the updates i did regarding Arcadia, it's just not currently feasible.

For those who can read Japanese you can normally preview the next/current issue of the official website or follow their Twitter feed.

I did however order one of the KOFXIII chibi figures, which were recently made available on Playasia, whilst clearing out the remainder of my refunded store credit. Will take some pics when that arrives.

As for this blog itself, even though i will be busier from now on i will continue to update it when i can.

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