Friday, 4 March 2011

Another KOFXIII Chibi Figure. HAOH SHO KOH KEN!

Just received another KOFXIII figure in the mail from Playasia this morning (after waiting for about a week and a half =_= ), was hoping to get Raiden this time but as you can already see it just wasn't to be.

I actually tried to get my friend to help me bid on a full set of Vol.1 on Yahoo Auctions but the bidding ended at an insane Y10,001 !! (About £75!) Though that set did actually come with the secret figure (Dark Ash), which as my friend explains may have contributed to it's high end sale price.

Anyway decided to take some photos again so you can have a look at the Ryo figure, not too bad, but i still want Raiden or at least a character i use. =_=

Also check out MaxMode a new website opened up by the French KOF players.

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