Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Blog Pages

As you may (or may not) have noticed i've been spending a bit of time trying to redesign parts of this blog.

I've only noticed the Page feature of blogspot quite recently so have been experimenting with what i can do with them, as of now there are three working pages (Blog, KOF[UK Vids], and Facebook/Twitter) and the others are just currently placeholders while i decide what best to do with them.

I've done this as an attempt to clear some of the 'clutter' in the sidebar, and to try to make the blog as easy as possible to navigate/search through various information.

The KOF[UK Vids] page will be used to showcase various UK tournament finals videos, i've not fully completed work on this section as of yet but for now it has pretty much most of the videos back to October 2009.

The Twitter/Facebook page contains plugins for the KOFUK Twitter feed and the KOF02UM[Euro] fan page.

Once i get around to it i will start working on the About page, and as i figure out more things i will keep adding to the rest of the blog. As for now it's been a long day of messing around with it and i think i've had enough :P

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